Defence Production Machines
Head Turning and Mouth Reaming Machine
Flash Hole Drilling Machine For SAA
Cap Loading Machines
Spinning Machine
 For Other Industries
Vertical Multispindle Drilling Machine
Horizontal Way Type Drilling Machine
Horizontal Rotary Table Drilling and
   Tapping Machine
Way Type Boring Machine
Special Purpose Grinding Machines
We have intyernational state-of-the are technical facilities to suit our high-class quality policy. This is the technology through we have achieved customer satisfaction - COMPONENT

– A machine shop equipped with machines like lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, Horizontal boring machines, cylindrical grinder, surface grinder, machining

centre etc. is owned by us and we have tie-ups for castings, fabrication, heattreatment & other manufacturing facilities.

ASSEMBLY SHOP – Well equipped with all facilities for assembly of machines, overhead crane for assy. & handling of heavy machines is established. A team of trained engineers and

technicians with very good hands on experience is at work. Here we assemble and test all the machines to fullest of our satisfaction.
Electrical And Electronic Dept. – We build our own control panels with PLC, CNC wherever required under guidance of experts in our team.
CNC Machining Facility
A Part of Machining Facility
CNC Machining Facility
A Part of Machining Facility
Assembly Hall
CNC Machining Facility
Assembly Hall
CNC Machining Facility